Wake the Vote 2018 will use civic media and participation to focus on local issues and candidates while maintaining core precepts of civic engagement and bi-partisan learning. Like Wake the Vote 2016, Wake the Vote 2018-Midterms Matter will use a multistage model built on a foundation of cohort learning, participatory action, and community engagement.  The Midterm Matters cohort is smaller and commits to one semester rather than a full year of civic learning and action as part of the program.  Wake the Vote 2018 goals are:


•   Increase campus knowledge of local elections, especially in competitive and impactful North Carolina races.

•   Increase youth voter turnout, which typically declines dramatically in midterm election years.

•   Provide WTV cohort members with opportunities to work for candidates, issue campaigns, and established voter turnout efforts while reflecting on those experiences in a bi-partisan cohort.

•   Develop skills for bi-partisan discussion and discourse.

•   Make electoral political engagement fun and exciting, thereby sustaining the enthusiasm and buzz generated in 2016 by the extraordinary Wake the Vote efforts. 

Students in the WTV Cohort will receive course credit for their participation.