Sincerely, a concerned, young voter


Oct 23, 2016 | Cydney Meadows

I must say I am so excited to be writing to you. I love Wake the Vote and in my short time with this organization, it has already proven to be the greatest opportunity I could have as an undergraduate student. Melissa Harris-Perry is a godsend and who I want to be when I grow up, that’s for sure. But let’s discuss Donald J. Trump. Trump called Hillary a “nasty woman.” I’m sure you’ve heard this already through the media, and I certainly hope you’re not surprised. As someone who was thoroughly disgusted to have this obscenity of an election as her first opportunity to vote, I can’t say I cared for Clinton or Trump from the get go. It became the decision of a lesser of two evils. As a young, biracial, educated woman, Hillary was obviously the best choice. But I don’t want to discuss Hillary. Often I am targeted for my disliking of Mr. Trump. My views are often said to be formed without basis and coming from an ungrateful “child.” But here is why I legitimately cannot stand Donald J. Trump. As the election has carried on, Trump is really beginning to prove how unfit he is to serve in office. I truly believe he is a pathological liar and feel for his family. It would be impossible to fact check him through an entire debate. He has convinced himself that he is telling the truth and that’s all that really matter. He is embarrassing America already with his public behavior and I can only imagine what would happen to this country if he were actually elected. The fact that he can talk about women  the way he does discourages me greatly. I suppose I would fit into the category of strong democrat, maybe even liberal. I strongly believe in women’s rights, and although I do not know if I would ever be able to have an abortion, I don’t think any woman should be denied the right to make a choice about her body. And I certainly support loving and marrying whoever you like. Additionally, I serve on an immigration committee for Wake the Vote and we held a forum at the Hub opening. I believe everyone deserves a chance at a better life. The process of entering the United States for any immigrant or refugee is a long, grueling process spanning over two years. Trump doesn’t seem to realize the national policy and believes President Obama allows anyone inside our borders willy nilly without any standards or precautions. And despite me being devoted to my god and my baptist beliefs, separation of church and state reigns true to me. I have always thought this way and have never allowed me family’s or my region’s views to influence my own. I was raised in West Virginia and since 2008, they voted in favor of Republican on the presidential level, despite voting Democrat historically. There is this fear that our guns and coal is going to be taken away. They know about as much about politics as Trump does. Everything I have just said I stand for Trump intends to legislate against during his time in office, pending. He has no experience whatsoever in politics, first and foremost and it frightens me that so many Americans are still willing to back him and all his negligence and negativity. Because of where I come from, I do see why so many people support him. But my intent in this article is to demonstrate how these widely held, racist, homophobic, islamaphobic fears have been debunked and unbacked. I want voters to reconsider not voting at all and/or voting for Trump. Hillary is the better, and actually qualified, dignified choice to me. I most definitely prefer an apology for mistakes as opposed to a lie that the mistake was never made.


a concerned young voter