News Flash: Your Vote Matters.


Feb 10, 2016 | Katherine Cassidy

This past weekend, Wake the Vote packed our bags and drove up to New Hampshire. Although the Iowa Caucuses marks the beginning of the 2016 Presidential election, the New Hampshire primary is the first exhibition of the traditional democratic process.

And boy, are the New Hampshirites proud of this.

Having constituents excited about democracy, of course, is not unique and special to New Hampshire. There were plenty of excited caucusers in Iowa, and there are definitely excited primary-goers in other states (such as myself!). What is special about New Hampshire, is that they are the first to vote, and they know that their vote is important.

The results of the New Hampshire Primary – along with the Iowa caucus – impact which campaigns keep their skin in the game, and which campaigns pack up and go home. Since the New Hampshirites know that their vote is important, they make the candidates work for it. Unlike in Iowa, where there were endless large rallies in venues to hold hundreds – and even thousands – of people, New Hampshire takes a different approach: small, intimate town halls throughout the state.

I had the privilege to attend the town hall meetings of Governor John Kasich (2nd place in NH) and Governor Chris Christie (6th place in NH). Although Christie’s meeting was larger than Kasichs’ both were events in church spaces, with enough seats for everyone to sit.