Is it all just a publicity stunt?


By Thornton Blount 8/30/16

For the past several months, multiple journalists have been theorizing that Trump may actually drop out before/after Election Day, claiming that he doesn’t actually want to be President. There have been articles in the New York Times, CNBC, and CNN, all talking about the same possibility. PredictIt, a political betting site, even runs odds on Trump dropping out before August 31st (tomorrow!). The CNN article cites several moments in interviews when Trump joked(?) about dropping out.

In his speech at the RNC in Cleveland, Trump’s son Eric boasted, “he turned traditional debates into must-see TV.” There’s a lot to be said about that comment, but most importantly – why did he say that? And why does that matter for a Presidential candidate?

I’m not one to usually peddle conspiracy theories but it cannot be ignored that all of Trump’s public actions in the past ended up being publicity stunts to boost his businesses. I think the country seems to have forgotten that this man’s most previous occupation was being the host of a game show.

I don’t personally think he’ll drop out, but if he did, would Pence be the nominee? Would there be an emergency convention? Who knows. Regardless of all of this, much of the rhetoric used by Mr. Trump and his surrogates has been unsettlingly dedicated to his publicity successes and not enough legitimate discussions have been had about his policies or history in business.