Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Jul 27, 2016 | Ciara Ciez

Hi political pals!

Welcome to my coverage of the RNC!

I’m finally back after a long blogging hiatus, ready to talk to you about the upcoming RNC. A lot has happened since I last addressed you. Donald Trump has emerged as the Republican nominee beating out many established members of the Republican Party and attracting voters en masse. I’m pretty excited to be attending the RNC because I think it’ll be one of the most interesting conventions we’ll see in a while- we have a really divisive, dynamic character at the epicenter of this convention. The jury is still out on Trump with many large Republican players refusing to comment on their opinion of him. Also, there are lots of rumors swirling regarding the possibility of protests and violence in the arena and surrounding areas.

For me, Trump seems to really have voters divided. Establishment Republicans refuse to acknowledge the influence of Trump nor will they accept Trump as the man to represent the party. I am excited to see how the party entices its unsure members to vote for Trump. Trump has targeted niche voters who seem to be disenchanted with the current status of American politics. If the Republican Party can reconcile differences between the two factions and get them to unite, Trump has a very real shot at winning the presidency.

I’m excited to hear the speeches, see the protests, and engage with the RNC up close and personal. I am eager to see how Trump and the Republican Party bring everything together to heal past mistakes and unite the party. It’s such an incredible opportunity to be able to go to Cleveland and experience the Republican National Convention at such a young age.

Check back for updates during and after the RNC; also, look out for blogs on the DNC next week!