“I mean yeah, climate change is important..”


Oct 14, 2016 | Caleb Woody

I feel like the more we discuss climate change, the less people actually care about it. It’s kind of like when you say a word over and over again until it doesn’t even sound like a word; this is  what we as a nation are doing to perhaps THE most important issue facing our future. I know what you’re thinking

“Oh here we go again, another Birkenstocks wearer, flecks of granola in his unkempt dreads, complaining about the ‘big-business-boogeyman”

Well, you won’t find any beads or feathers in my hair (not that there’s anything wrong with such a look) and I prefer to keep my toes inside a pair of Sperry’s and yet my fervor for climate change avocation is just as strong as the traditional naturalist.

This fall, my very first at Wake Forest University, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to work as a political fellow with the group “NextGen Climate” a group founded by former hedge-fund manager Tom Steyer whose goal, in his own words is to “act politically to prevent climate disaster and promote prosperity for every American.” I have participated in voter registration drives, commit to vote drives, organized transportation for students to polling places, as well as education on climate change for the many students who simply don’t realize how salient of an issue this is for the millennial generation. By encouraging people to do their research on climate change and furthermore motivating them to come out and support the candidate who they think has climate at the forefront of her mind, we will be able to secure a future on Earth not only for ourselves but our children as well.

Climate change is a real, measurable, quantitative phenomenon, even more so-humanity’s impact on climate change is undeniable (whether it is purely a Chinese creation or one contributed to by the whole world is moot). We can no longer afford to leave it to the generation of Americans, because there may not be a next generation of Americans if we cant stop the dangerous cycle we have started.

This November I plan to vote for the candidate that has climate change on her mind as a legitimate concern facing this nation, and I urge you to do so as well.